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  • Lakefront guesthouses
  • Traditional local architecture
  • Peaceful and quiet atmosphere in the middle of eastern nature
  • Home of poets, painters, photographers and writers
  • An alternative holiday for the newly married, families, travelers and adventurers
Halfeti is an oriental fairytale village, come and experience the ancient near east!

There are two ATV parkours in Halfeti which brings adventure and history together. Our guides will help you explore the surrounding with four wheels From water skiing to diving, glittering turquoise waters of Halfeti Lake provides the alternative experience for water sports.
Halfeti which locates in a generally hot and dry region hosts an exceptional wildlife thanks to its microclimate created by the surrounding lake and cliffs. Various rare eastern birds, freshwater plants and animals can be observed and photographed. Rumkale (Qal'at ar-Rum), Batiköy, Cekem Mahallesi and other historical canyons are waiting to be discovered. Halfeti smells history. Half-submerged under water, the village gives extraordinary views under rising and setting sun. Kantarma Mezrasi, Saint Nerses Church are must-see places..

      Within the preserved environment and architecture of Halfeti Socrates Ancient Guesthouses, you will rediscover yourself! This peaceful ancient village could provide you rest, history, adventure and inspiration.
      Surrounded by the Mamluk army in 1280 under the command of Beysari, achieve results that no Christian neighborhoods in the city was sacked for five days. In 1290 it was once conquered by the Mamluk Sultan Ashraf. Repaired by the Mamluks, and the last time the city was called Kal'at-ul-Muslim Brotherhood. Ottoman Sultan Selim I the city, taking our time in the names used in the Rumkale Urumgala and turned into the county in 1954.